YAJUN Melody Lin, born in Nanjing China, grew up in Vancouver and Los Angeles, and later moved to New York where she studied Fashion Design at Parsons. In 2016, Melody won the Kering X Vogue competition. As a result, Yajun was given the opportunity to visit the company’s facilities and innovation labs and her collection was featured on Vogue.com as well as in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue. After the competition, stylist Mel Otternberg, one of the judges, decided to style Rihanna during her performance at the VMAs in one of Melody’s designs.

Yajun was born into an extremely chauvinistic family in which her father would make all of the decisions in the house. He would define ‘YAJUN’ as ‘second place’ (the two words sound similar in Chinese), owing to his belief that the male would always be dominating. While growing up YAJUN would always rebel against her father’s sexist worldview, trying to prove herself with her actions. She would define her name as “YA“ meaning ‘elegant’ and ‘refined feminine’ while “Jun“ meaning ‘gentleman’; is the more masculine side of the brand. Thus, the brand’s goal is to break the boundaries and expectations in garment construction, creating an image of a classy yet rebellious woman, who is ready to try new things and explore all extremes in life.

Hildur Yeoman

Nina Tiari

Nina Tiari – linesheet / lookbook

The Very Warm

The Very Warm is from New York City. Based in a city that embraces art, grit, conversation and diverse culture we aim to do the same in each season and through every product that is created.


Everything we make is made with the highest quality fabrics and trims. We appreciate the details. We think you do as well.


Each piece is a mini collaboration with an artist that we’ve grown to love and appreciate. They are from as far as New Zealand or as local as Brooklyn. We want each piece to be a conversation opportunity and a culture catalyst. Dynamic simplicity and catalytic complexity.


The Very Warm; curated in New York City.


Drawing from Becca McCharen’s theoretical background in architecture and urban design, Chromat focuses on structural experiments for the human body.

Chromat began in 2010 as an extension of McCharen’s degree in architecture design. Her continued interest in scaffolding, city maps, wearable exoskeletons and the intricacies of undergarments have been explored as each new collection develops.


International Playground Showroom 

Capsule New York Women’s 

Cooper Building L.A.